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Introducing an Insurance Risk Pool & Economic Network into the Provider and Consumer Visit Dynamic

Updated: May 1


vizSaver is a patent-pending mobile app and network that uses cash rewards and micro-income opportunities as incentives to mitigate patient no-shows and treatment non-adherence. Providers subscribing to the system receive a warranty for patient adherence that pays out provider for loss income due to patient visit no-shows. vizSaver can improve health outcomes, boost patient and provider satisfaction rates, reduce clinic delays, decrease unnecessary medical costs, reduce visit fraud, increase access, and positively change the dynamics among patient, provider, health system, and payer.

Simple to Use Apps

Health care providers (health systems, groups, or individual practices) enroll with vizSaver. Each of their patients is then encouraged to download the app. When a patient arrives for their appointment, the app generates a QR code that is scanned by the clinic. The app then automatically tracks all cash rewards and facilitates payouts.

Cash Rewards for Patients

Each patient begins with a starting balance of between $50-$200 of visit credits waiting to be “earned” or “lost” over the course of the year based upon their appointment attendance and other activities. Patients earn visit credits when they take actions that benefit the health of the patient, clinic work-flow, and reduce unnecessary medical costs. So, for example, showing up on time to an appointment typically releases $7-$25 of visit credits into their “earned” account. Smaller tasks, such as completing an optional health survey or a micro-task might release $5.

Patients can also be compensated with credits for long waiting room delays or appointment cancellations. Before each office visit, the patient has the option of buying provider delay insurance for a few dollars’ worth of credits. They will earn $15-$40 if the provider is significantly delayed (e.g. running 60 minutes or more behind schedule) or the appointment is canceled.

Once “earned,” the visit credits can be used to pay co-pays through the system, purchase discounted services or products in the vizSaver marketplace, or can be transferred into the patient’s personal bank account. Patients can “lose” money from the starting balance as well. In the event that the patient takes an action that negatively impacts the clinic work-flow (e.g. skips their appointment or shows up late), their balance may be reduced by $15-$25. Micro-tasks income opportunities are also in development for patient supplemental income.

Provider Insurance for “No Shows”

“No shows” are a huge issue for providers and the threat of cancellations is what incentivizes them to overbook, and, as a result, often run behind schedule. The vizSaver app improves patient attendance rates, but the system also reimburses providers for all no shows, eliminating the need to double book time slots and bill patients no show fees. Providers are also rewarded for being on time with reduced costs. The result is improved patient access, satisfaction, and engagement without financial risk for the provider or patient relationship impairment.

Health System Patient Loss Mitigation and Medical Insurer Costs Savings

vizSaver’s incentive system encourages patients to get regular care and to keep their appointments, resulting in a healthier patient population. The health system’s financial condition is strengthened as patient churn is reduced and necessary services are rendered. Reduction of no-show related health complications and costs from ER visits and re-admissions also helps reduce unnecessary downstream costs for insurance companies.

The vizSaver system is enabled by advanced technologies including mobile software, blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning, and digital assets.

If you are interested in learning more about vizSaver or becoming a pilot partner, fill out our contact form on our website.


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